What Are the Benefits of Closed Rhinoplasty?

What Are the Benefits of Closed Rhinoplasty?

There are no external incisions made with a closed rhinoplasty. By doing the surgery within the nose, the practitioner has access to the nasal bridge and tip. It is one of the choices available to people who want to receive a nose job. The operation will leave no obvious scars. The benefits and drawbacks of closed rhinoplasty should be understood before you decide to have the operation done.

Shortened operation time

It will take less time to perform a closed rhinoplasty than an open one. As a result, the patient will require less anesthesia throughout the procedure. This matters to some patients when deciding between an open or closed nose job. Additionally, if fewer incisions are made, the procedure can be finished in as little as 30 minutes. No visible scars

Less scars

There won’t be any visible scars because there are no external incisions. The procedure is carried out internally, and the surgeon will make sure that there won’t be any obvious aftereffects, particularly across the columella, the skin column located between the two nostrils.

Better Blood Flow to the Nasal Tip’s Skin

It is crucial to think about this. The circulation of the skin is not hampered because there is no need to cut across the columella. The skin is unharmed following the procedure. After a closed rhinoplasty, there won’t be as much edema because the skin’s natural drainage channels were left intact. Thus, compared to patients who had an open rhinoplasty, the nose would mend more quickly.

More skills are necessary

The nose job surgeon makes all the adjustments through the tiny nostril apertures because the surgery is performed without lifting the skin of the nose. It is a “blind” operation where everything is done by touch and by looking at how things seem on the outside. If you decide to have a closed rhinoplasty, make sure the surgeon is qualified to do the procedure. This indicates that your surgeon does more rhinoplasty procedures than any other type of cosmetic surgery. Additionally, it indicates that your doctor is an expert in closed rhinoplasty.

There are few to no revisions

The process places a cap on how many changes the doctor can make. Therefore, closed-nose jobs are only advised for those who seek very small changes. Open rhinoplasty is the better option for those who need extensive alterations to their nose. The lack of exposure and access makes it impossible to perform complicated surgical treatments.

The nose is difficult to imagine in its natural state

The  nose is stretched to access the inside portion of the nose during a closed rhinoplasty procedure. If this movement changes the shape of the nasal cartilage, it may be hard to see the nose in its normal state.

In order to achieve your goals and desired results, your surgeon will recommend the best approaches, whether open or closed rhinoplasty. During your appointment with your surgeon, you will talk in depth about the pros and cons of closed rhinoplasty.

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