How Long Does Bruising After Rhinoplasty Last?

How Long Does Bruising After Rhinoplasty Last?

Since the nose dominates the face, how it looks can have an impact on how many individuals see themselves. The nose can be slightly or moderately altered during rhinoplasty to help balance the facial features and improve your overall appearance.

Patients frequently can’t wait to see how their nose and face have changed after rhinoplasty. Although some changes might be apparent right away, the full impact won’t be felt until the swelling and bruises subside. Many patients at our rhinoplasty office are curious about the extent of their post-rhinoplasty bruising as well as how long it will stay. Our facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph Shvidler, is very careful to tell patients what to expect after surgery.

The Most Common Side Effect Is Bruising

There may be minor bruising after rhinoplasty surgery, as is usual for people. Bruising that may extend beneath the eyes and be seen around the nose. One of the body’s normal reactions during the healing process is bruises. As blood seeps into the epidermis of the skin, bruises form. The amount of bruising depends on how often the patient gets bruises, how hard the surgery was, and how good the surgeon is.

An Overview of the Bruising Process

Although some bruising is normal following rhinoplasty, how long it lasts depends on a number of variables, including how severe the bruising is and how well you heal.

Because of this, our Seattle office does not have a predetermined period of time for patients to recuperate following rhinoplasty. Having said that, we can provide a broad timeframe of what to anticipate.

The Initial Days of Recuperation

Patients who have undergone rhinoplasty surgery may have immediate bruising. Bruises will now appear scarlet because of the oxygen in the blood. Because of this, the full level of bruising could not be apparent until the following day. This is due to the fact that it may take some time for blood from rhinoplasty incisions to lose oxygen and change color after penetrating the tissues.

One to two days after the bruising becomes more noticeable, the discoloration will be fairly dark, typically purple, blue, or occasionally black. Bruises typically stay dark for a couple of days.

One week later

The body will stop bruising as it recovers. Fading may become apparent five days following surgery, though it can take a little longer if the amount of bruising was more severe.

A bruise that is fading will start to appear less purple and more green. The bruise’s hue will keep getting lighter as it fades.

Seven days later

The hue of bruises may change from green to a yellowish-brown after a week to ten days. The body will continue to recover as the bruises disappear.

After two to three weeks

Most patients will discover that their bruising has fully disappeared after two to three weeks. The total healing of bruises may occur sooner than two weeks for people with light bruising, but it may take a little longer for those with more severe bruising.

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