Facial Plastic Surgery Questions and Answers: Part 01

Question: Do you have any advice please as I am going to get a facelift and under eye fat removal?
Answer: It’s very important to look at your prospective surgeon’s before and after facelift and eyelid photo Gallery to ensure that you’re going to get a great result. Big hospital systems tend to concentrate on reconstructive plastic surgery, so it’s important to find out how much elective cosmetic facelift and eyelid surgery that your surgeon is performing on a routine basis. It’s best to make appointments with three busy facelift surgeons and then make your decision.

Question: Does a maxilla’s forward position affect the long-term results of a tip rotation in rhinoplasty?
Answer: A full set of facial photographs from all angles and much more information is needed to answer your question. There are multiple anatomic factors in the nose that relate to rotation, De-rotation, projection and De-projection, since the nose is a three dimensional structure.

Question: Facelift, or lip lift and nasolabial angle reduction?
Answer: In our practice, we do not perform a lip lift procedure due to multiple complications we’ve seen from other practices. Start with a facelift first which can rejuvenate your face and neck. The goal of a lower face and neck lift is to tighten loose facial and neck skin, tighten loose facial and neck muscles, lift the.

Question: I just turned 50, is it time for an eyelid lift?
Answer: The photograph is rather limited, however it does appear that there’s excess and loose skin on your upper lids for which an upper blepharoplasty procedure can improve the hooded look.

Question: Is it possible for me to have a tip rhinoplasty? 
Answer: No, you’re not a candidate for a tip- plasty. You must undergo a full rhinoplasty. In our practice, we perform closed rhinoplasty with all the incisions placed on the inside of the nose. No external incisions are needed, and no painful packing is required either. A closed rhinoplasty can accomplish shaving down the dorsal hump, decreasing the overall projection of the nose, and refinement of the nasal tip. You will also require nasal bone osteotomies to close the open roof created from the hump removal itself. Digital computer imaging of your nose upon your facial features would also be helpful to understand what can be accomplished with the procedure upon your facial features.

Question: What type of plastic surgeon would perform a brow lift?
Answer: A facial plastic surgeon frequently performs browlifts. Look for a surgeon who performs lots of them. Study their before and after brow lift Photo Gallery. Also important understand that a brow lift not only lifts the Brows, but can make them more symmetrical, and soften the horizontal and vertical wrinkles on the forehead in addition to raising or lowering the hairline.

Question: Would I be able to have a closed rhinoplasty and achieve my desired results?
Answer: Yes, a closed rhinoplasty can accomplish shaving down the dorsal hump, lifting and reducing the bulbous nasal tip, and narrowing the bridge line with all incisions placed on the inside of the nose. For many examples, please see our closed rhinoplasty photo Gallery on the link below.

Question: Would I benefit from chin liposuction and a chin implant?
Answer: A full set of facial and photographs are required to make a determination about how best to proceed with two surgical procedures. Chin implants are placed when patients have a recessive chin. Liposuction in the neck is performed when there is significant fat deposits in that location. Both procedures can be performed together under one anesthesia(local or general) with one recovery period.

Question: Interest in a revision rhino. What can be done to restore volume and height?
Answer: The nose is a three dimensional structure, therefore a full set of facial photographs from all angles are going to be required to make a determination about how best to proceed. It’s also important to know how much cartilage is left over on the inside of your nose for potential grafting purposes since you’ve already had previous surgery.

Question: Developmentally Deviated Septum, is a rhinoplasty the solution?
Answer: The diagnosis of a deviated septum can only be made by a thorough internal examination of the nose. A septoplasty is performed for medical necessity to improve air flow dynamics In the back of the nose once the diagnosis has been made and medical necessity has occurred. To straighten the crooked nose requires a rhinoplasty procedure which is cosmetic, and must be paid for by the patient. A septoplasty and a rhinoplasty can be performed together under one anesthesia with one recovery.

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