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Our board-certified facial plastic surgeon have been at the forefront of ethnic rhinoplasty in Seattle Washington, which has one of the most diverse populations in the United States. Individuals of Hispanic, Asian, African-American, or Middle Eastern ancestry seeking cosmetic or functional rhinoplasty are typically referred to as “ethnic.” This specialist nose reshaping surgery considers the differences in nostrils between ethnic groups. The bridge, profile, imperfections, heritage all have an impact. Our surgeons can help patients achieve their goals and alleviate concerns in a way that is consistent with their ethnic identity, depending on their intended outcome.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty
Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Respecting Ethnic Identity

Most plastic surgeons did not distinguish between rhinoplasty patients of Caucasian origin and those of other ethnicities for decades. As a result, most rhinoplasty treatments produce a Caucasian-style nose, which can seem odd on someone of color.

Our doctors has always been open and honest with his patients, listening intently and offering competent advice to help them get the health results they desire. Dr. Portuese and Dr Shvidler are the best qualified Seattle facial cosmetic surgeons for ethnic rhinoplasty because it needs natural creativity and surgical expertise.

If you’re African-American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, or Asian, you deserve to work with a plastic surgeon who has the experience and talent to create stunning, natural results.

At The Seattle Rhinoplasty Center, we are dedicated to ensuring that your ethnic rhinoplasty operations yield the finest possible results. We are based in downtown Seattle and serve clients all across the Seattle area. Due to our good reputation, we also have a big number of clientele from outside the neighborhood.

Asian Rhinoplasty
Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty FAQ

What is it and how does it work?

If you’ve come to see The Seattle Rhinoplasty Center for nose surgery or ethnic rhinoplasty, it’s because you’re unhappy with the size, shape, or function of your nose, regardless of ethnicity. Our facial surgeons will employ nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, to reshape your nose to the size and form you desire. Your nose, like your skin and hair color, is a component of your genetic legacy and reflects your cultural background. It’s completely unique to you in terms of size, shape, structure, and details. Dr. Portuese and Dr Shvidler have the skills and understanding to help you reach your goal, whether you want your nose surgery to keep or dramatically change distinguishing ethnic aspects of your nose.

Why you want plastic surgery

Ethnic rhinoplasty results only micro millimeter alterations, but it can drastically alter the appearance of your face. If you’re unhappy with your nose for any reason, ethnic rhinoplasty can help you achieve a more balanced and harmonious appearance without losing sight of who you are. Improved function: While your nose may be fully functional, our doctor finds that many patients seeking nose surgery are having issues breathing, allergies, or vertigo, all of which could be caused or aggravated by anomalies within the nose. View before and after photos of these rhinoplasty procedures.

What you hope to achieve with ethnic rhinoplasty:

A nose that works flawlessly. Maybe you have trouble breathing via one side of your nose, and breathing just on that side is just “natural” for you. It’s also “normal” if you’ve had persistent sinus infections since you were a child. Maybe you were hit by an airbag in a vehicle accident last year and haven’t been able to breathe properly since. Whatever the issue is, you want it resolved. Permanently.

Ethnic nose jobs that compliments your features. You don’t want a nose that is too big, but neither are you looking for a nose that is too little. Maybe you want to get rid of that hump on your nose once and for all, or maybe you just want it to look as it did before you fractured it. You know you want your nose to look balanced on your face, regardless of the shift.

A nose that resembles yours. The idea of a nose job isn’t to be unrecognizable afterward. You want to appear like yourself, but better. Our surgeons recognize this and offers some of the best ethnic rhinoplasty in Seattle and Bellevue.

Who is a candidate for rhinoplasty surgery?

Ethnic rhinoplasty, like regular seattle nose job, can be used to address both aesthetic and respiratory difficulties even the bridge, nasal tip, nasal bridge, bulbous nose, alar base, and bulbous tip rhinoplasty. The main distinction is that ethnic rhinoplasty is tailored to fit the particular character and structure of noses from all over the world. Patients from Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, and African-American backgrounds account for the majority of ethnic rhinoplasty treatments in our practice, but we can create an optimal rhinoplasty result for anyone from any ethnic or mixed background.

What is the recovery time ?

STANDARD RHINOPLASTY: Inside the nostrils, incisions are created. To improve the external contour, the nasal bones, cartilage, and soft tissues are altered.

With any method of rhinoplasty, large nostrils can be decreased by making microscopic incisions at the outer base of the nostrils.

A patient is sent home with an external cast or splint after rhinoplasty.
It is possible to pack the nose for up to 48 hours.
In most cases, the cast or splint is removed after 7-10 days.
Oral medicine helps to alleviate the first discomfort.
Over the course of 2-4 weeks, the majority of the swelling and bruising will diminish.
If there are any external sutures, they will be removed in 4-6 days.
Internal sutures fall out.
In three months, the semi-final outcome will be revealed.
In 12-14 months, the final outcome will be seen.

Chin augmentation and cheek augmentation are two more operations that may improve the outcome. Correction of a deviated septum (Septoplasty) may be necessary if you need to improve your breathing. There are other facial plastic surgery services that can be added at the same time.

Is this sort of Rhinoplasty covered by insurance?

This cosmetic operation is not covered by insurance. For more information contact your insurance provider.

Surgery of the nose
Ethnic Rhinoplasty


  • Ethnic rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery that is performed to change the shape of the nose to better suit the facial features of patients from different ethnic backgrounds.
  • The most common reason for patients to seek ethnic rhinoplasty is to achieve a nose tip that is more in harmony with the rest of their face.
  • Ethnic rhinoplasty can be used to change the size, shape, and angle of the nose, as well as the width of the nostrils.
  • Cartilage grafts are often used in ethnic rhinoplasty to create a more natural looking nose.
  • Ethnic rhinoplasty is often combined with other types of plastic surgery procedures such as facelifts and eyelid surgery.
  • The recovery time for ethnic rhinoplasty is typically longer than for other types of nose surgery due to the extensive nature of the procedure.
  • The ethnic rhinoplasty procedure takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete.
  • Most patients report minimal pain and swelling following the procedure.
  • The majority of patients see a significant beauty improvement in the appearance of their nose after ethnic rhinoplasty.
  • Ethnic rhinoplasty can help to improve breathing in patients with nasal obstruction.
  • The results of ethnic – racial rhinoplasty are typically long-lasting.
  • Ethnic rhinoplasty may be covered by insurance in some cases.
  • The risks of ethnic rhinoplasty are similar to those of any other type of nose surgery, and include bleeding, infection, and scarring (scars).
  • Patients should expect to take approximately one week off from work or school following ethnic rhinoplasty.

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