Dr. William Portuese – Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Portuese is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys snow skiing, fishing and kayaking. He enjoys getting out on the water; fishing, crabbing and shrimping around the waters of the Puget Sound, British Columbia and Alaska. He is an avid fly fisherman for both trout and salmon and really enjoys spey casting for Chinook salmon. He occasionally travels to Idaho and Montana to fly fish for Brown and Rainbow trout. As an avid kayaker, he sometimes fishes from his kayak while paddling. He has also summated Mt. Rainier.

Dr. Portuese is also a woodcarver and enjoys carving different species of salmon out of old growth Red Cedar from the Olympic Forest.

Dr. Portuese enjoys hiking up in the Cascades and Olympic Mountains with this dog Blue,
a black lab.

Dr Portuese and his Black Lab “Blue” go for walk and play fetch with a tennis ball.

Dr. Portuese also enjoys water sports such as water skiing and has even attempted inner-tubing and riding the Air Chair, a totally different experience which allows the rider to be completely out of the water in a seat riding five feet on top of a hydrofoil.

Dr Portuese trying out an Air-Chair.

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