Rhinoplasty Surgery – Lifting a Hanging Columella

Rhinoplasty Surgery – Lifting a Hanging Columella

The columella is the tissue and cartilage that divides the two nostrils on the underside of the nose. The terms “hanging columella” or “alarcolumellar disproportion” may be used to describe the columella tissue when it hangs lower or protrudes below the outer ridges of the nostril. Many people who have nasal tissue that hangs lower than their nostrils dislike the way this appears and opt to have a specific nasal procedure called a columelloplasty to level the tissue with the nostrils and produce a more proportionate nose shape.

What Causes a Hanging Columella?

In patients, a hanging columella frequently develops naturally as a typical side effect of nose growth. A septum that is too lengthy or the position and orientation of the nasal cartilage might cause this tissue to hang too low. In addition to natural occurrences, a dangling columella may also result from an error made during a prior rhinoplasty. Excessive cartilage excision or nasal retraction can lead to this undesirable outcome. Columellar struts, which are inserted during surgery to support the nose tip, may be overly lengthy, which may cause the new nasal tip to protrude unevenly and alter the appearance of the columella. During a thorough evaluation with your surgeon, the fact that you’ve already had rhinoplasty surgery will be looked at and taken into account.
The appearance of a hanging columella may be brought on by swelling in the tip or columella following recent nasal surgery. Before considering another surgical treatment, speak with your plastic surgeon because it might not be the best choice for you. Talking to your plastic surgeon about ways to reduce inflammation will let you compare your before and after results without inflammation, since rhinoplasty swelling can last for weeks or months after the first treatment.

Columelloplasty (Hanging Columella Nose Surgery)

Your dangling columella can be fixed with a columelloplasty alone, without changing any other parts of the nose. Trimming the cartilaginous and membranous tissue can correct an alarcolumellar disproportion, or hanging columella. Only membranous nose tissue will be removed from the patient if the cartilage has already been retracted. By removing this lower tissue and cartilage, the columella will be tucked inward and cease to be dangling or pointed. View the comparison between the nostrils’ form and surrounding tissue in the images below.

Although there are no two hanging columella procedures that are exactly alike, it is always intended to enhance the relationship and proportion between the columella and the nostrils. The columella can be reshaped to make the nose look more proportional and elegant from both the front and profile views. Because of this, the columella will be in good alignment with the rest of your nasal and facial structure.

What Is the Price of a Collumellar?

Typically, a columelloplasty is less expensive than a full rhinoplasty. The precise operations carried out during your columella surgery depend on a number of factors. Lumella surgeries can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on how they are done and how complicated they are.

Correction of the Columbella Hanging Recovery Time

The columelloplasty is a closed-approach treatment, which means that the inside of the nose and nostrils are where the incisions are made to remove tissue and correct the nasal problem. The dissolvable sutures that were utilized to keep the wounds closed during and after this surgery are still in place one week after the procedure.

After this kind of rhinoplasty, no bandages or stitches need to be removed. The full outcome of your columella correction may not be visible for many weeks due to possible slight swelling or bruising. However, compared to a full rhinoplasty, the amount of swelling that develops following this treatment is much less, so the recovery period will be quite short and painless.

Consult an expert surgeon about your options for a colomella adjustment.
The columella is a crucial cosmetic component of the nasal tip and supports the remaining nose structure. If you want to modify your nose and believe you may have a hanging columella, visit a skilled plastic surgeon for a thorough assessment. They’ll be able to decide what kind of strategy and technique is ideal for your  Nose surgery and you.


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