What is Closed Rhinoplasty

You could be thinking about rhinoplasty if you’re dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose or if a deviated bridge or a prior injury makes it difficult for you to breathe clearly or fall asleep. Rhinoplasty, sometimes known as a “nose job”, is a procedure used to reshape the nose and improve its appearance, giving you greater self-assurance and comfort with your appearance. But there are two methods for performing a nose job: an open rhinoplasty or a closed rhinoplasty. The two operations are contrasted by our board-certified plastic surgeon in Seattle, who also explains which one will help you reach your objectives.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Any incisions and contouring performed during a closed rhinoplasty, also known as an endonasal rhinoplasty, take place inside the nostrils. This procedure is typically done when the patient wants to slightly reshape and fix the nasal tip. Endonasal rhinoplasty is far less intrusive than open procedures, which results in less post-operative edema and a quicker recovery. Incisions are made on the inside of the nostrils, so there are no scars that can be seen.

Selecting the Best Rhinoplasty Procedure

During your visit, Dr Joseph Shvidler and you will talk about the best rhinoplasty procedure for you. A closed rhinoplasty is typically used when only modest reshaping and contouring of the cartilage beneath the bridge is required. An open rhinoplasty is done to fix and reshape the nose in a more significant way, to fix a mistake from a previous surgery, or to fix a structural problem.

After Rhinoplasty Recovery

You should take about a week off work after either an open or closed rhinoplasty procedure  to guarantee a thorough recovery. There will be severe swelling and possibly even bruising around the nose and eyes, and a splint will be applied to your nose to keep it still and secure (racoon eyes). Most of the swelling and bruises should go away after the first week, and if Dr Joseph Shvidler gives you the all-clear after six weeks, you can get back to your normal activities, including working out.

Whichever choice you select, you’ll need to unwind and sleep after the surgery. You’ll be able to notice the change in your appearance when the swelling decreases and disappears, which typically takes one to two weeks.

Make an Appointment for a Seattle Rhinoplasty Consultation Right Away
Make an appointment with Dr Joseph Shvidler right away if you want to correct or improve the appearance of your nose job. He will ask you about your objectives, your choices, and how the treatment will help you acquire the nose you desire in more detail.


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