Is a nose job right for me?

Is a nose job right for me?

One of the oldest and most common plastic surgery treatments is a nose job (also known as rhinoplasty). In the us, hundreds of thousands of men and women get nose jobs to make their noses seem better. If you are a good candidate for the process, a nose job can be able to help you acquire a more appealing shape for your nose if you feel your nose is too big, too small, or has what you regard to be an unsightly form.

This website provides some fundamental criteria for who is a suitable candidate for a nose job, but the best approach to finding out if you are a candidate is with a personalized evaluation that takes into account your medical history and involves an exam. Make an appointment with dr joseph shvidler, a nose surgeon in Seattle, right away to receive a full evaluation.

What makes a good candidate for a nose job?


The ideal prospects for nose jobs are:

An experienced nose (may be as young as 14 for girls, with parental consent);
your general health is fine.

Are not taking specific medications or supplements, a sound mental state
have realistic expectations and a thorough understanding of the procedure’s hazards.
Age of candidates for nose jobs

Your nose’s mature size is the main determinant of whether you are old enough for a nose job. Your nose will need to be evaluated specifically, but for girls, it could happen as early as age 14. Boys often require a couple more years to physically mature, so most boys won’t get nose jobs until they’re at least 16 years old. Of course, teens must have their parents’ permission before having a nose job.
Generally healthy
Candidates for nose jobs need to take a few crucial health factors into account. It’s crucial that you are healthy right now, especially if you have a disease that could hinder your recovery. If you have a significant risk of problems following anesthesia, having a nose job may not be advised. Those who don’t smoke are the best candidates. Tell dr joseph shvidler everything about your health, including any allergies and past operations.

Avoiding drugs
Most of the time, you should cease using any blood thinners, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, as well as any anticoagulants. A few herbal supplements, including ginger, ginkgo, and vitamin e, should also be avoided. Additionally, rhinoplasty is not recommended for people who have used cocaine nasally.

Expectations, education, and mental health
The majority of people who get rhinoplasty do so for very normal reasons. They are able to comprehend the process and its dangers. Visit our questions about nose surgery page to find out more information about the surgery. The majority of people also have reasonable expectations for their outcomes; they believe that their nose will look better as a result.
However, some people have unrealistic expectations about nose jobs or aren’t in a position to make a wise choice regarding their treatment. You will discuss your expectations for your nose surgery withdr joseph shvidler, as well as what goals are reasonable for your procedure.
Please make an appointment for a nose job consultation  right away to speak with dr joseph shvidler about whether you would be a good candidate for a nose job.


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